Course Information

Make Your First Cryptocurrency Trade is a short (and free) video course created by John Omar.

The goal of the course is to introduce you to cryptocurrency trading. In the videos I’ll explain what an exchange is and how to get set up on one. Then, on video, I’ll make a real trade and even earn some profit doing it!

This course is suited for people who’ve heard about cryptocurrency trading, but aren’t quite sure what it is and how to make money doing it.

In the last video I’ll provide you with some resources to take your trading skills to the next level so you can earn a living day trading cryptocurrency like I do.

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Hi, I’m John Omar

I got started trading so I could support myself while I travel the world and work on my hobbies. It’s been 18 months and trading cryptocurrency is still supporting me as I travel and enjoy time with my wife!

I’m scared of living a life on the 9:00 to 5:00 grind, so I bootstrap companies and make money online in attempt to be the master of my own time. Right now, trading cryptocurrency is the best way for me to do that.

Hopefully I can inspire you to do the same.